• Ease of use
  • FinalTorrent is all about ease of use. With FinalTorrent, even novice users can find and download movies, music and software to their PC.

    FinalTorrent integrates with your web browser so your download starts automatically when clicking a .torrent link.
  • Easy Torrent Search
  • Type keywords in and the results show up right in FinalTorrent. One click later and you're downloading your content. It's ridiculously easy...

    FinalTorrent comes with support for several torrent search engines with lots of free, legal content available.
  • Built-in Library
  • FinalTorrent features a library of downloaded files, and you can easily find and open your downloaded files directly from within FinalTorrent.

    Once you have found your file in the library, you simply double-click it to open the folder where the file(s) were downloaded. It couldn't be easier.